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Show me the party, and I'll show you the coke... [entries|friends|calendar]
Princess Robyn <3

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[30 Aug 2004|09:02am]
Sorry... I never mean't for things to get this out of hand. That sucked.
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I hate fathers day! [20 Jun 2004|04:47pm]
[ mood | angry ]

So today is fathers day- and even tho i didnt wana drvie all the way down to see my daddy, i did. wouldn't you think that if you had a 40 minute drive to see your father on fathers day you guys would spend the day together? I would too, but i guess he didnt. Anyways- so i get there, spend 10 minutes with my dad and then he leaves to go out with his wife.

What i great fathers day- i wish he never had me.

X Always

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[26 May 2004|05:59pm]

robyn may explode without warning


From Go-Quiz.com
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What a dumb shit! [04 May 2004|03:31pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I love when X-Best friends copy every single thing you do and want. It's always so great to hear that they got what uve been trying to get for so long, or seeing them do they're hair the same way u do.. or better yet- trying to do and say everything you once did... and just TRY to act like you. I JUST LOVE IT!

It's also cool when the first thing that person does everyday when she gets home from school is sign onto her computer and read my live journal! FUCKING STALKER! GET A LIFE.

Thank goodness for "FRIENDS ONLY" because this is my last open entry ever!

P.S.- you can never be me, because I'm georgous... and your nothing.

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Great Weekend [02 May 2004|06:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm glad Summer and I are closer then ever... lol again. It feels good to have her. We had the best weekend... cheese and rollerblades! lol
Today i swam with boyfriend... it was fun! I also got a change to see Eddie! It was great seeing him again! I really missed him and he changed alot. Im glad everything is going just right! I dont think i could be happier then i am now!
K well im going to get back to my report!.. hate mrs. somple!

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Beach Day! [27 Apr 2004|10:03am]
[ mood | excited ]

Today I'm going to the beach with Sydney instead of going to school. :)

I'm excited that her and I are going to spend the day together. I think we'll have alot of fun! Yesterday she asked me about Randi... along with the wrest of westlake, and I just want to say it now... if your going to talk to me.. make sure u don't ask me about Randi because i don't want to talk about it.

Anyways, I'm way looking forward to the beach because yesterday it was a beautiful day. I went to the beach on Sunday with boyfriend and Summer and we had a blast.  I love the beach. Im going to live there. I swear it.

I'm listening to Beyonce, and i noticed that I really like her... and yesterday, i felt like I was actually her! lol

Anyways- hace fun at school when I'm at the beach. P.S- I started a fund... I'm going to buy a puppy... If youd like to donate money to my fund- just tell mne and I'll except whatever i have to give me!


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[23 Apr 2004|03:57pm]
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[20 Apr 2004|02:31pm]
I hate rats!... no the animals
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Fucking A [19 Apr 2004|06:16pm]
[ mood | sick ]

"I’d ratha be ya n-i-g-g-a
So we can get drunk and smoke weed all day
It don’t matta if you lonely baby                    You need a thug in ya life
Cuz bustas ain’t lovin ya right"

<3 He is the only person who cam summ it all up and make perfect sense of it all.He always knows what to say... I'm duuuppped <3

Today fucking sucked. Fuck everybody and i dont care about any of you!

And of corse thinngs got alot better when I got a fucking notice today saying that i have one and a half points on my fucking record, and if i have one more fucking incounter witht he law for the next 12 fucking months, i get my licens revoked! How the fuck do you see that? My mom is gona beat me tonight- i can feel it. At least i'll be fadded so it wont hurt as bad!

, so im straight.

tomarrow's 420! Yea nigga.

wake up fadded. eat fadded. go to sleep fadded.


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[18 Apr 2004|10:14pm]
Mormon.. or? I hate rude people. Everybody's been Xed off! LATE
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School = ew 4x!! [18 Apr 2004|02:23pm]
[ mood | sad ]

School's tomarrow... im not excited. I dont want to see anybody, nor talk with anyone except for boyfriend, al baby cause ill never stop loving her <3 and my big bro... and also grace.

lazy tanning days and sleeping in till 3pm are gone. fuck.

eh. this week showed me alot. i no longer have a best friend because all of spring break she hasnt called me, and i haven't called her... or seen her either for a matter of fact. It is kinda sad that it happened- but i guess niether of us cared enough to prevent it. i guess thats life.

tomarrow is going to be awkward. Im going to see everyone and everything is going to be so fake. and then second period will come.. and ill see randi and not know how to act because ovb. we arent friends anymore. But anyways- she'll still expect me to take her off campus, but im not going to.

we used to be such good friends. :( im really sad now that i think about it.

Im kinda over friends for now. i want to be alone- and i dont want the fake bullshit "i'll be there for you whenever's" because in reality, you won't.

I want the old randi back. </3

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[16 Apr 2004|11:59am]
i have nothing to say.
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The bitch is back! [13 Apr 2004|06:21pm]
[ mood | full ]

I'm back and i allready need another vacation. lol.

Vegas was so fun and amazing. I loved it- thanks shan for all the fun! i'll do one thing and one thing only, ill assure u all that i'll post pix from veg. when i finally figure out how.

the trip was awesome- but i dont wana write about it. Lets just say it was a big ego-buster because every guy wanted me and shan. (notice my name is first shan. lololol j/k)

Today is shan's sweet 16! i love her and HAPPY 16 MY LOVE! it's scary these days that people like shannon will be able to drive- u just cant trust her. lol this morning at the fucking ass-crack of dawn summy and i kidnapped shan- although, i didnt do a real gangsta job. i was sapposed to blind fild her and "man-handle" her too, but instead i just feel on top of her, and laid there laughing. its was fun though. its amazing what $4 can bring.

I love summer too. Randi is on a trip with natalie- and im glad, yet it's ironic that she went with natalie after she found out that shan and i went to vegas! what a drama-case. im glad shes with natalie, that gets her off my back for a few days. i hate to say it- but it's getting old & real fast.

I love boyfriend. Happy *5* months to us today! He's my world- no matter how mean to him i am.

Im so in love, and its great!

Love, the one in love.

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Veg Baby = tomarrow!!! [08 Apr 2004|03:57pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

OMG it's finally here- VEGAS! shannon and i = rippin up the streets!

anyways- im glad its break, i couldnt be more excited. im sick up seeing westlake kids everyday... ya u heard me... FUCK WESTLAKE!

today was allright and so was yeasterday but nothing will compare to this week. im gona get fucked up.

all i can say is VEG BABY! hopefully shan and i dont get into tooo much trouble!

i want to say something really harsh right now- but i know i'd ruin somebodys life! dont u hate that feeling... u just need to say something but its a big mistake to let it come out! = annoying... all i can say is im glad i get to choose who i'll be seeing over break and who i wont.

sometime i need a break  and this is a great opp.

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this here proves it! [07 Apr 2004|05:13pm]
i gues this just proves what ive been trying to show u all forever... just look.

Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
Your first full name
Your personality rates aeight
your best quality isyoure hot but modest about it
your worst quality isnothing! youre perfect hun
this is becauseyou were always this way
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

^^^^ HAHAHA you wish u were me and its a fact!! ^^^^
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Liek a virgin- HEY! touched for the very first time..... [06 Apr 2004|09:04pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Today is my 1 year aniversery since iv'e been a virgin! Woo hoo!YEA YEA YEA! (arm movements- 3 precisley)

today was coolio- randi made me an extravagent card and a brownie. i liked her today.

loved al-baby, boyfriend, shannon, and uhh... the reflection i saw in the mirror cause DA DA DA DANM im hott. lol

i went to all my classes and then ditched history- i dont think i can make it through a full week of the class- ask hana, im never there. lol. i dunno why i referd to her- maybe cause she has an lj?? hmm

anyways, i think its time for me to say goodbye cause boyfriend is here, and i think he and i sould celebrate me not being a virgin!

VIIIRRGIIN = SUICIDE... make ur choice al-baby! make the choice!

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RRRRRRRRRRARH!... said the tiger [04 Apr 2004|06:53pm]
[ mood | happy ]

day light savings is ruining my life! i want it to go away!
AH! and the weekend is gone = sucks!!!

It was a greato weekend

Friday i slept at daddy's, and i went to dinner w/ boyfriend! we ate at somethings fishy on ventura blvd. and it was amazing. we eat at the table where they cook right infront of you. food = my life + boyfriend = always.

saturday was chill- i was sapposed to hang out with randi and corey but i bailed because im sick of randi running my life. so instead, summer came over and her and boyfriend and i got fucked up. then we met up with aaron and oliver at a party. oliver was right when he said there were older people. lol

today i watched broken down palace with summer, and now im scared to ever leave california. thanks summ!

i guess what im trying to say is things are great- im in a good mood.
but from now on- im not letting anybody tell me what to do~ unless its shan cause she thinks levelllly for me!

fuck daylight savings! fuck it!


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[04 Apr 2004|11:47am]
"We are all just flying around this world in a small plane and there's no room for extra baggage."

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Finally a good day [01 Apr 2004|06:41pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Today was great.

all i did was stay home and go to the... uhh i cant spell, so sound it out.. i went to the KI-RO-PRAK-TER. i had to call it a sick day due to the event last night.

i bruised my tailbone and it hurted. like a little bitch it did.

the point is i didn't have to stay in school so hah to you all. i think think today was so good because i didnt have to deal with anybody. it was an amazing feeling, although, i called boyfriend like 8 time... per hour. lol

thats why i have such a large fone bill---> he has at&t = no good!

anyways, thats all i have to say- today was good and i am happy

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[01 Apr 2004|09:00am]
DONT TOUCH ME!!!!</36>
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